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Summer Camp Gifts

I never went to summer camp. So I’m living vicariously through my 10-year-old niece. Today she embarks on a week of hiking and horseback riding, campfires and canoeing, and s’mores and swimming. Of course, I wouldn’t know anything about the summer heat, mosquito bites, pouring rain, poison ivy, cabin chores and creaky bunk beds. But I imagine she might feel homesick, so she will receive a summer camp care package from her Uncle Gift Giving Guy and Savvy Auntie (tm). I browsed several sites for summer camp gifts and chose Beyond Bookmarks, which offers the “funner size” of the Camp Life care package for Teens and Tweens. This summer camp gift package includes:

  • Chucknuka Uglydoll in purple
  • Hangman travel game by Magnetic Poetry
  • Waterproof playing cards
  • Carabiner (clip-on) pen
  • 16-ounce water bottle
  • Lip balm with sunscreen
  • Clip flashlight (with batteries included)
  • Mosquito repellent wrist band
  • Glow necklace
  • Water squirting frog toy
  • Beach Safe waterproof storage tube on a lanyard
  • Green bandanna (which doubles as wrapping instead of tissue paper)
  • Fill-in-the-blank thank you note

You can customize your care package with add-on items like an autograph pillowcase with black fabric marker, friendship bracelet kits, binoculars, glow sticks and seek-a-word puzzle books. If you want to treat your camper’s cabin mates, add in a small gift for them when you order the care package. Before you order from Beyond Bookmarks, make sure you have the shipping address and the phone number for the summer camp. If the camp only uses a post office box, select U.S. Postage Service for shipping. (UPS cannot ship to a P.O. box.) If camp is a few weeks away, you can schedule delivery for a future date. Don’t forget to add a personal gift tag message. From your shopping cart, click the red  “Add Gift Tag Message” button. Type in the “to” and “from” names. You have a 100-character limit on your gift message.

I can’t wait for the letter from camp from our niece.

Oprah’s Favorite Things

Oprah Winfrey loves to give. She graciously signed off today after 25 years of daytime television and nearly a decade of her audience-swooning Favorite Things. The blog Jezebel estimates Oprah gave $23,809,050 worth of products since 2002. Not every gift stood the test of time — like Dell’s Pocket DJ MP3 player and J.Lo’s velour sweatsuit — but most have. Let Oprah be your guide for your next gift.


Beauty and Body Care


Books and Magazines

Charitable Gifts

Clothing and Accessories


Food Favorites


Home and Office Furnishings


Kitchen and Appliances

Movies and Television



A Few of Her Favorite Things for Christmas 2010

She prefers no raindrops on her roses; she’s allergic to whiskers on kittens. Still, I know a few of my wife’s favorite things. This Christmas, I reflected on her favorites to inspire my gift choices.

Her Favorite TV Shows:

Her Favorite Singers:

Her Favorite Movies:

Her Favorite Sleepwear:

Her Favorite Jewelry:

And she clearly knows my favorite things from the great Christmas presents I received:

When I First Was Santa: Gifts for Kids

Yes, Virginia, I was Santa Claus at age nine. I put on my snow boots, winter coat and red hat. I wadded cotton balls into a beard and Scotch-taped it to my face. Then I surprised my sister and brothers, taking my place in the living room’s big chair. Each sibling sat on my lap and told me what they wanted for Christmas. I’ve always loved playing Santa to kids, and now I get to re-live being Santa with my nieces and nephews. Here’s what I gave them this Christmas.

For the nieces:

For the nephews:

Send iTunes Gifts Instantly

Are you among the 125 million users with credit cards linked to iTunes? If yes, Apple makes last-minute gift giving easy to a fellow iTunes user. This week, I sent my friend and office mate his Christmas gift — the thriller Inception — using iTunes. Here’s how you can immediately send iTunes gifts via e-mail.

Launch iTunes, click iTunes Store and choose from 12 million songs, 55,000 television episodes, 8,500 movies and 300,000 iPhone apps. When you find the item to give, follow these steps.

Click the arrow on the right side of the Buy button.
Buy Movie

A drop-down menu appears. Select the “Gift This” option.
Gift This Movie

iTunes takes you to a “Give a Gift” screen. To send the iTunes gift as an email, keep the delivery option set to “Send gift as email.” Enter your name and your recipient’s name. Make sure you have the correct email address then type it for “Recipient’s Email.” If you want to send to multiple giftees, separate the email addresses with commas. Type the e-mail address or addresses in again to verify. Now enter a brief personal message. Please note if you take too much time with your message, iTunes will time out your session and ask you to start over. Click the Continue button.

iTunes will prompt you to sign in with your Apple ID or AOL screen name and password to buy the gift. Enter both and click the Continue button. You’ll see a review page. Confirm your entries and, if correct, click the Buy Gift button. iTunes will display a “Thank You” screen indicating your gift has been sent. Within minutes, your gift recipient receives an email to redeem the gift on iTunes.