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College Gift Finder 2011

Graduation season is here. If you’re looking for a high school or college graduation gift, try College Gift Finder. You’ll find U.S. college gift sites sorted alphabetically by college name and by state. Consider a classic sweatshirt for your freshman heading to campus or a diploma frame for your deserving college graduate. Express your pride with 2011’s College Gift Finder.

14 Dorm Warming Gifts: PerpetualKid.com Goes to College

Nineteen million students start in U.S. colleges this fall. Welcome your college-bound student to campus with quirky gifts from PerpetualKid.com. I selected 14 dorm warming gifts for the Class of 2014.

#1. “Pack This!” notepad
Campus arrival day. Midterm break. Christmas vacation. Spring semester. Spring break. Summer vacation. That’s a lot of packing, unpacking and repacking. Make sure your student brings everything needed with a “Pack This!” notepad ($7).
#2. USB Retro Lamp
Plug in these funky lights to a laptop’s USB port to brighten your student’s keyboard. The lamp necks are flexible, and the lamp shades come in orange, purple, green and blue ($8).
#3. Ceramic Noodle Cup
In college, there are four food groups: pizza, vending machine snacks, mac and cheese, and Ramen noodles. Let your freshman enjoy hot noodles and broth in style with this ceramic noodle cup ($16). Finish the gift with two dozen packaged Ramen noodles.
#4. Laptop Lilo Inflatable Laptop Desk
Laptops get hot after writing a 30-page paper on Burgess’s use of portmanteau words in A Clockwork Orange. Laptop Lilo withstands 175 degree Fahrenheit temperatures while allowing proper ventilation ($17).
#5. Popcorn Bowl
Movies and popcorn make the ultimate study break. Pair this melamine bowl, lined in a popcorn print, with a few boxes of Orville Redenbacher Light Butter microwave popcorn, a Consumer Reports favorite ($16).
#6. Electro Man Surge Protector
Students bring a showroom floor’s worth of gadgets and small appliances to their dorm. Give an Electro Man Surge Protector to maximize the room’s limited electrical outlets — and protect electronics from voltage spikes ($25).
#7. Pop Quiz Math Clock
This wall clock is ideal for math, computer science, accounting, finance, physics, education, or engineering majors ($27).
#8. Guitar and Amp Pillow Case Set
Add rockstar style to the room with these electric guitar and amplifier pillow cases in standard size ($25).
#9. 500XL Desktop Earbud Speakers
Designer Winnif Pang took iPod earbuds and blew them up 500 times in size. Plug these speakers into a laptop, desktop, or MP3 player to rock the dorm floor ($45).
#10. Cable Monkey Cable Organizer
Sure, the university touts wireless Internet access on campus. But students still contend with lots of wires: power cords, printer cables, speaker cords, digital camera cords, and Ethernet cables (when the wifi drops). Cable Monkey neatly collects the cord jungle into a single strand ($4).
#11. Tabletop Air Hockey Game
Space is at a premium in the dorm room, so this miniature air hockey table (20 inches long) can work on a desk. The first floormate to seven points wins ($30).
#12. Great Ideas Napkin Sketchbook
If the best ideas spring from napkin doodles, why not a whole book of napkins? Help them ace that design project with the Great Ideas Napkin Sketchbook ($6).
#13. Uncapped Pen and Pencil Holder
It’s easy to lose a pen cap, unless it’s this oversized pen cap for holding pens, markers and pencils ($15).
#14. Eco Cold Drink Cup (Reusable)
No matter what the school colors are, green is in on campus. Eliminate disposable cups with this 16-ounce reusable cup, insulated to keep cold drinks cold ($10).

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Give a Personalized License Plate

Is your car vanitized? Soon mine will be. I’m joining the nine million Americans sporting a vanity license plate on their vehicle, thanks to an MBA graduation gift from my wife.

However, this gift isn’t the easiest surprise to pull off. Most state agencies require a driver registered to the vehicle to apply for the personalized plate. If you are not jointly registered with your gift recipient as the car owner, you still can present your suggestions, write a check to cover fees and complete any paperwork. Maybe a few states will follow the example of Texas, which offers a vanity license plate gift card.

Select the U.S. state for your giftee to learn more about applying for a personalized plate.

Going-to-College Gift Ideas

Send your student to college with gear and gifts that celebrate the arrival on campus.

Irreverent References: Gifts for MBA, Law and Medical Students

After five years of part-time study, I’m just three classes away from finishing my MBA. Still, I could not resist buying MBA Degree in a Box. This novelty comes from those geniuses at mental_floss, the bimonthly trivia/humor magazine. The $14.95 tin box contains a mini-text of business trivia, lampooned buzzwords and funny management refreshers. Add in the business hero trading cards, the CEO case study cards, a business trivia final exam and my own rolled diploma (“with real Latin words”), and I’m ready to right the U.S. economy.

One of my favorite parts of the “Business School in 96 Pages” textbook is The Truth About Accounting:

If you went to a “real” business school — you know, the kind with “buildings” and “faculty” and so-called “accreditation” — you’d probably have to take an accounting class. You wouldn’t learn much, though, because you would spend most of the class either asleep, falling asleep, or trying not to fall asleep. So we’ll just condense everything you need to know about accounting into two sentences: Accounting is very dry but critically important. Hire an accountant to take care of it for you.

Mental_floss also offers Law School in a Box and Med School in a Box with similar satire. These novelty gifts will bring a smile to students or recent grads in business, law and medicine.