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Eleventh Anniversary Gifts: Steel and Modern Jewelry

Our kitchen remodel is almost complete. With new granite countertops, our cloth pot holders won’t do. Fortunately, the traditional anniversary gift for the 11th anniversary is steel. I gave her this stainless steel, daisy-shaped trivet. The trivet also changes its shape to elongate for rectangular pans.

The modern gift for the 11th anniversary is fashion jewelry. Nothing satisfies like Tiffany & Co., and she loved thisΒ Elsa Peretti Bean bracelet.

Tenth Anniversary Gifts: The Traditional Gift of Tin

Willow for the ninth wedding anniversary present wasn’t easy. But now my choices for the traditional tenth anniversary gift are, um, tin or aluminum? Uncommon Goods (Twitter: @UncommonGoods) helped me track down two tin gifts. Fortunately, pewter is mostly tin, and I found this “He Loves Me” pewter jewelry box. My wife loves this gift; she keeps her engagement and wedding rings in this tiny pewter box. I also gave her a bouquet of tin flowers in pastel colors. These were the ideal flowers β€” never wilting, just a showing a little patina β€” to give just before we left for our anniversary getaway.

A Decade of Anniversary Gifts

This decade is almost done. As a year 2000 bride and groom, my wife and I exchanged nearly a decade’s worth of anniversary gifts. Most of the time, we followed the traditional anniversary gift themes. To round up the gift count to ten, I’ve included our wedding day gifts.

The Zero Anniversary (Wedding Day)

First Anniversary (Paper is the traditional gift)

Second Anniversary (Cotton is the traditional gift)

Third Anniversary (Leather is the traditional gift)

Fourth Anniversary (Fruit or flowers is the traditional gift)

Fifth Anniversary (Wood is the traditional gift)

Sixth Anniversary (Candy or iron is the traditional gift)

Seventh Anniversary (Wool or copper is the traditional gift β€” read the blog post)

Eighth Anniversary (Bronze or pottery is the traditional gift β€”read the blog post)

Ninth Anniversary (Pottery or willow is the traditional gift β€” read the blog post)

Anniversary Gift Ideas

It’s among the biggest decisions of your life: whom to marry. Celebrate with an anniversary gift that reaffirms “I’d marry you all over again.” Here are blog posts to help you select anniversary gifts.

Nine Days of Gifts for the Ninth Anniversary

Willow or pottery? Those are the traditional gifts for the ninth anniversary. The only thing that’s made from willow that I could think of is a cricket bat. And I already gave pottery among my gifts last year. (Pottery is also a traditional eighth anniversary gift.) So what to do for gift giving?

Maybe I needed to break from tradition this year β€” that is, forgo using the traditional wedding gifts as an inspiration. I sought out nine gifts, some small, and gave them across the nine days leading up to our anniversary.

I started brainstorming ideas and searching web sites for nine gifts. To my surprise, I found both willow and pottery among my nine anniversary presents.

At first, I didn’t say anything about these being anniversary gifts. I just left them out for her to discover on the table, the kitchen counter, the coffee table. For a while, the peanut butter and jelly spreader was her favorite. She mock-chastised me for not inventing it myself. (“We could have made millions,” she said.)

But it was the willow painting that stunned her. She admired the dark willow, set against soft, water-colored splashes of brown. This gift was a perfect addition to our home.