Gifts for foursquare Fans

While Facebook shuttered its virtual gift shop of beer mug and birthday cake icons on August 1, 2010, another social media darling is now open for business. Foursquare — a location-based, smart phone game that helps you connect with friends, new places and even discounts — announced its online store opening today.

And you’re just not buying Facebook pixel-based presents at this new store. On foursquare, you truly must earn that digital Zoetrope badge by checking into 10 movie theaters on 10 different days. (Hey, it only took me six months.) At the foursquare Online Store, choose from tee shirts, buttons and stickers to give to your foursquare fan.

My favorite tee ($20) touts a key competitive element of the game: the foursquare mayor. Foursquare players use their smart phone to check-in to their current location. The player with the most number of days of check-ins over the last 60 days becomes the foursquare mayor of that place.

That is, until someone bests your daily visits to that store, restaurant or watering hole, dethroning you as mayor. Perhaps the foursquare Online Store should sell a consolation gift tee shirt for us previously ousted mayors. Maybe something like this…

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